About us

The Guitar Strap Co. and “The Utility Strap™” was designed by two working musicians, Anthony Croce and Michael Nayar, who found through years of gigging that there was a constant need for the essentials to be close by.

The Guitar Strap Co. is a proudly Australian company, whose vision is to be the leading manufacturer of custom guitar straps both nationally and internationally, with a reputation for high quality, innovative products.

We Are Musicians

The culture and values of the Guitar Strap Co. reflect the culture and values of the two founders and owners of the company. The careers and lives of both Anthony Croce and Michael Nayar have appreciated from others that have “Given Back” to the Music industry and community at large.

The Guitar Strap Co. also believes in a “Give Back” approach where we be working with celebrities aid in promotions to donate to charities. We also work with local artists to design artwork for guitar straps with part sales going back to the artists.

TGSCo products are designed by musicians for musicians to solve the problems musicians face for style, choice and comfort. We have world first products with never seen before designs.